Air Condition


It’s almost impossible to enjoy the surroundings of your office in Abuja without a fully functional Air Conditioning unit. We at FIX-IT Handyman Services insure to solve all your cooling needs with a highly specialized team of professionals who understand just what’s needed to beat the Abuja heat.
Whether it’s a small leak, a broken thermostat or a major breakdown, we are just a call away to make sure your unit is up and running as soon as possible.

Below is a list of Air Condition services we offer;

Air-Con Installation
Air-Con General Maintenance
Air-Con Gas Top-up
Air-Con Chemical Wash (Gas Refilling)
Air-Con Chemical Overhaul
Air-Con Replacement & Repair of Parts
Air-Con Resolve General Leakage Issue
And many more…
1. Air Conditioner Installation
Our professional technicians will assist to install any air-con system in the pre-planned strategic location of your space. Our workmanship will ensure that you get the air-con system installed in a timely manner, ready for your inspection of our flawless work before concluding our installation service.
2. Air Conditioner General Maintenance
General air-con maintenance includes cleaning of the air-con filters, fan coils, panels and flushing of the unit drainage system. Checks will also be conducted on the overall condition of the air-con unit (e.g. Motor operation, compressor, refrigerant gas pressure).
3. Air-con Gas Top-up
When the air-con unit’s refrigerant gas runs low, customers often assess the unit as spoiled. Our experienced team will check the unit thoroughly and assess if it’s a issue with the refrigerant gas being low, and assist with the top-up, which can save our customers cost from having to overhaul the machine for repairs.
4. Air-con Chemical Wash
Chemical cleaning provides a more thorough cleaning of your air-con unit as compared to general maintenance, and flushes out germs and bacteria that may have accumulated in the unit over time.
5. Air-con Chemical Overhaul
For chemical overhaul the whole air-con unit will be dismount and dismantled parts by parts and chemically wash to restore the air-con performance and cooling efficiency to its optimum level as 99% good as new.
6. Air-con Replacement & Repair of Parts
We also provide air-con repair services for a wide range of brands and models. Our experienced team will assist in the repairs and/or replacement of air-con parts to bring your unit back to tip-top condition.
7. Air-con Resolve General Leakage Issue
General Leakages make up a bulk of air-con related issues, and our team are highly trained to resolve such issues through the efficient cleaning and draining of the unit’s blocked drainage system.


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