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Established in 2017, FIX-IT HANDYMAN LIMITED is a versatile, multi-disciplinary company at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge projects and solutions across various high-performance sectors. Our expertise spans electro-mechanical systems, low current infrastructure, information technology, telecommunication, network security, facility maintenance, and specialized security solutions.

FIX-IT HANDYMAN LIMITED has experienced remarkable growth and has emerged as a leader in the region. We offer a diverse range of both mainstream and specialized products, catering to the unique needs of our clients. Our security division specializes in providing advanced military and paramilitary tactical equipment and gadgets, ensuring top-notch security solutions for critical operations.

With a focus on integrated design and seamless functionality, we ensure efficiency from conception to completion. Our team of engineers excels in the design, sales, installation, and maintenance of electromechanical systems, low current infrastructure, IT security solutions, advanced security equipment, and comprehensive facility maintenance.

Supported by a broad supplier base comprising global market leaders, we consistently meet our equipment and accessory requirements, ensuring reliability and quality in every project we undertake. At FIX-IT HANDYMAN LIMITED, we are committed to delivering excellence and innovation, making us the preferred partner for high-performance sectors, security needs, and facility maintenance.