The professionals at FIX-IT Handyman Services have worked hard to build the strong reputation and a name that people can rely. We do this by putting the customer first, and being straightforward about pricing, our techniques, and timeframes. We know that when you need electrical services, you want experts that show up on time and prepared with quality tools. Our skilled electricians will provide you with outstanding electrical services from the estimate until the completed project. If you have questions about our electrical services, then don’t hesitate to reach out today and let us answer those for you. Until then, here are lists of electrical services we provide to help get you started.

Below are a list of some of the Electrical services we offer our clients;

Ceiling fan installation
Indoor lighting installation
Light switch installation and repair
Outdoor lighting installation
Electrical outlet installation
Electrical Construction
 Whole house re-wiring
Electrical service panel upgrade
Electrical maintenance plan

1. Ceiling Fan Installation
You can change the ambiance and air flow of a room when you invest in a ceiling fan installation. Our electricians have worked with a variety of ceiling fan installations from simple to extravagant, and we will provide you with prompt services. We know that checking a ceiling fan installation off your list will make your day a little better. We want you to enjoy getting a new ceiling fan installation when choosing the right style for you, and not dread how you are going to install it.

2. Indoor Lighting Installation
Whether you are going through remodel or you are building a new room onto your house, a professional indoor lighting installation will be the ideal way to ensure you add value and beauty to your space. Our electrician uses accurate measurements to ensure the project gets completed right the first, and they will use safe practices when providing the electrical service. We will show you the different options you have and how the indoor lighting installation will impact the look of you space.

3. Light Switch Installation and Repair
When you have a light switch go out or you don’t have a conveniently placed one, you can benefit from a light switch installation and repair. We can take on projects of all sizes and we never try to rush you as you make decisions. We are prompt and efficient, and will listen to your needs for light switch installation and repair so that you can get the quality results that you deserve.
4. Outdoor Lighting Installation
You can create a beautiful space outside, but you want to make sure you have an experienced electrician on your side for outdoor lighting and installation. In order for the space to be safe and the placement of the outdoor lighting installation to make sense, you’ll need a skilled-eye. We have decades of experience when it comes to outdoor lighting installation, and we invite you to get a free quote today!

5. Electrical Outlet Installation
Hire our professionals to perform electrical outlet installation to ensure it is done safely and correctly. We use our expertise when providing service for electrical outlet installation, and this means you get a more affordable price because we don’t have to go back and correct any errors. We are not only experienced, but we keep up with the industry trends to ensure we can work on a variety of electrical outlet installation projects.

6. Construction Electrical
Our certified and licensed electricians can handle large construction electrical projects. When you manage a project that requires a construction electrical aspect, you want to make sure you bring in the professionals that are on time, straightforward, and there to work. Our team is diligent and attentive when it comes to each project, and we are dedicated to becoming your solution and the first person you call when you have construction electrical needs.

7. Whole House Re-Wiring
When have whole house re-wiring needs, you have an opportunity to get exceptional work done that will be safe and lasting. However, you will want to bring in our experts to ensure that each part of the process is thoughtfully completed. We pay attention to each detail for whole house re-wiring to make sure that nothing is missed and you have exceptionally working electrical elements. You will notice the difference we make in each part of the process and why we are a top choice for whole house re-wiring.

8. Electrical Service Panel Upgrade
You should not try to perform electrical service panel upgrade on your own, and our team is ready to help you get your electrical needs taken care of. We use quality equipment and the latest technology to make sure that you get superior electrical services each time that you call us. An electrical service panel upgrade will take the skills of a professional electrician to ensure the it completed with precision and accuracy.

9. Electrical Maintenance Plan
Here at FIX-IT Handyman Services, we don’t just want to provide you with premium services for your next electrical project, we want to keep it working in optimal condition. We provide our customers with an electrical maintenance plan to provide time and money savings, and to make sure that your electrical work stays safe and up-to-date. Giving back to our customers and showing you that we appreciate you is important to us and one reason we have been in business for decades.
Whether you are remodeling a space in your home or you are in the process of new construction, reach out to our professionals today so that you can learn more our electrical services. We are proud to service the community and look forward to exceeding all of our customer’s expectations.

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